What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia, also known as Malabar tamarind is a sweet and small tropical fruit, native to Indonesia and eastern part of India. Shaped like a pumpkin, though smaller than it, it comes in a bright green color and forms a popular ingredient of weight loss supplements. 

How Does Garcinia Work?

Garcinia fruit extracts are rich in HCA or hydroxycitric acid, which inhibits fat-producing enzymes of the body and prevents accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. It also suppresses appetite and reduces sugar cravings, thus causing increased breakdown of calories and consequent weight loss.

Are There Side Effects Associated With Garcinia?

Intake of Garcinia may cause minor side-effects like nausea, migraines, headache as well as stomach discomfort. Consumption of pure Garcinia extracts however, do not cause major side-effects.

How much is Garcinia Harmless For Pregnant Women?

Sufficient research has not been done yet to elucidate the side-effects of Garcinia intake in pregnant women. Thus it is best to avoid it during pregnancy.

Does The Extract of Garcinia Work?

Pure extracts of Garcinia Cambogia are HCA-enriched, thus they have the potential to bring about satisfactory weight loss, although for best results, it is always recommended to couple healthy diet and exercise along with its intake.

Which Garcinia Supplements Are Best?

Supermarket shelves are brimming with packages and bottles of diffferent types of Garcinia supplements. It is recommended to read the ingredients of the bottles before deciding to purchase them. Supplements should contain at least 50% HCA and only herbal components for aroma or as natural fillers. Bottles with undefined package contents must be immediately rejected.

What is The Recommended Dosage of Garcinia?

Recommended dosage of Garcinia is no more than 1000 mg before meal and an average of 3000 mg per day. Daily dosage may vary according to age and health status. It is advisable to seek the counsel of a physician before determining personal dose.

Does Garcinia Cause Testicular Atrophy?

The likelihood of developing testicular atrophy due to Garcinia is very low, if the latter is taken at the suggested dose of 3000 mg per day. But if taken at lethal amounts of up to 7000 mg daily, testicular atrophy may occur.

Where to Find Extract of Garcinia?

Extracts of Garcinia may be found in packaged containers and bottles occupying the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores. They may be availed from Walmart, local GNC stores as well as online retailers.

What Are The Expected Benefits of Garcinia?

Garcinia Cambogia triggers weight loss by blocking fat storage, promoting calorie breakdown and suppressing body appetite. Research suggests that consumption of 3000 mg of Garcinia daily along with exercise can trigger 6% weight reduction in a matter of eight weeks only.

How Much of Research Has Been Performed On Garcinia?

Extensive research has been carried out on this fruit, since it has entered the scene of weight loss supplements. Research suggests that its benefits are best reaped with extracts containing 60% HCA and side-effects are essentially minor. 

Why Would I Use Garcina?

If you are bogged down with issues of obesity and diabetes and are looking for quick, effective weight loss solutions devoid of major side-effects, than Garcinia is the right thing for you. 

What Are The Plausible Concerns With The Usage of Garcinia Cambogia?

Pure Garcinia has no negative side-effects, but extracts are sometimes processed to contain fillers and artificial bulking agents that cause more harm than good. Moreover only extracts with 60% HCA provide maximally positive results.

How to Choose Suitable Garcinia Supplements?

Its always advised to purchase Garcinia supplements from trusted suppliers only. Remember high price does not translate into optimum quality, so take time to read the ingredients well and only choose supplements that contain 60% HCA with no fillers. If you suffer from a debilitating condition, consult a physician before consuming Garcinia. 

What to Avoid When Buying Garcinia Supplements?

Always do a little online research to educate yourself on the desirable ingredients of Garcinia supplements, before you proceed to purchase them. Go for supplements that are devoid of calcium, lead and zinc, that are allergic and only counteract the positive effect of HCA on the body.

Who is Eligible For Garcinia Consumption?

Garcinia consumption is quite safe for people who are devoid of certain metabolic disorders like anorexia and bullemia nervosa. Also, people who are sensitive to food allergens should avoid Garcinia, as the extracts may contain unknown allergens.